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    Anon_73287 posted:
    Have any of you guys had your wife EVER say anything about the size of your member? Mine did, back when we were dating...can't believe I married her after that....after she said this "something" I asked her if she had ever been with anyone "bigger" than me (and I am average size and never had any complaints logged to that point) to which she gave me a run down of her boyfriends and how big they were and that she had always thought with the next bigger one than the last that "it was great" till she met the next bigger one. How can I ever satisfy her when inside has been 20 years now and this is still a nagging area of self consciousness with me. Like I said, I cannot believe I married her but I always thought I would get over it but I never have. Do you think she is getting some of the bigger on the side all these years? I know sex is more than physical and love is more than sex but sex is a lot physical and there are women who are absolutely not sexually satisfied if the size is insufficient.

    If you reply to this post, please specify if you are presenting your thoughts as woman or a man. Thank you.
    Elle0317 responded:
    This is a good lesson for those young men out there, do not ask questions when you are not prepared for the answer.

    No, I don't think she is getting bigger ones on the side. If you could not satisfy her, she would not have married you. A bigger penis does not mean better sex, I find the ones that are average are the better lovers. Some guys with big ones seem to thing that is all they need, so they don't try as hard to please.
    Swan88 responded:
    Having sex with a very big man, much bigger than my husband was a unique, interesting and very pleasurable experience in some ways. It was far from my best sex. Most women do not even orgasm regularly doing intercourse regardless of how large the man's penis is. Unless of course the right other things are being done, or have been done to her to cum. Most orgasms happen during manual or oral stimulation anyway. Looking at a large member or holding it maybe more fun than having it rip you open. And as another topic here discussed trying to perform oral on it can be a problem and not fun.

    A topic not widely discussed in all the talk of 10 or 12 inch men is that women come in different sizes too and are not always as comfortable with a larger tool. Often they are built to engulf a much more average 5-7 inch driver making it far more enjoyable. Maybe some women have not stayed very tight over the years and larger maybe better for them. More average has advantages for other penetrations too.
    Anon_73287 replied to Swan88's response:
    Thanks Swan88, not sure if that was helpful as my wife was used to "BIG" before me....UG!!! If you have any other thoughts in particular to this situation let me know....PLEASE!!! Okay, what was your best sex, and do you ever wish to have that BIG man again...fantasize about it?
    Anon_134786 responded:
    I definitely agree with Elle, why would you want to ask this question? Nothing comes from those types of conversations. DBF and I have only discussed numbers, for health sake. Would I ever ask him if another gave him better oral? Whould he ask me? No, because that's too much info to know about someone you love. He tells me I'm the best and it's amazing, I chose to believe that.

    And as for if she's cheating on you? No I highly doubt that, maybe you should bring this up with her and work things out. Because honestly, sex is always better with someone you love. If after 20 years you still haven't gotten over it, you might need some help.

    I've also had sex with "BIG" guys and like others, it is not all that. It often hurts a little more and requires certain oral is very restricted. I love my DBF size, to me it is perfect and he is not crazy huge, he's about 8 inches. Would I ever tell him I had bigger...most definitely not.
    Torcal responded:
    I am a formerly married man.

    Why does she feel compelled to demean you on a regular basis now? She knew about your physical features before you were married.

    Look at it like this: Wouldn't you consider it demeaning to her if you kept harping about all the women you've had sex with who had exceptonally large breasts and then point out that hers have never matched up to your expectations? You wouldn't do that unless you wanted to hurt her, would you?

    The woman wants to hurt you badly and on a regular basis. If you care about your marriage get counseling. But you indicated that you made a mistake marrying the woman. So, even if you don't want to be around her anymore, talk to the counselor about divorce.

    No one should live knowing that every morning he will be met by a demeaning and possibly sadistic behavior.
    Anon_475 replied to Torcal's response:
    Read the post again SLOWLY ... She is not demeaning him on a regular basis. He asked. She answered. The thought is still pursuing him years later. That's it. You're reading WAY too much into this.
    Anon_73287 replied to Anon_475's response:
    Well...he is not that far off...she still says "something" about it about twice a year...not really mean spirited...just a is demeaning in that it brings up the old feelings over and over again...
    FCL replied to Anon_73287's response:
    Why don't you just tell her to cut it out because you've heard enough of it? Be blunt.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    An_242261 replied to Swan88's response:
    I agree with you. I am normal sized but never asked my wife about how big of a ^*^* she had before me. Size does not matter. I actually love touching my wife clit and touching softly her nipples.

    Does that work for you?
    Anon_73287 replied to Anon_134786's response:
    what is DBF?
    Anon_73287 replied to An_242261's response:
    You seriously have to come to WebMD to hit on gals?????
    FCL replied to Anon_73287's response:
    Where did you get that idea from? I see nothing in his post that suggests that.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    Elle0317 replied to Anon_73287's response:
    Dear BoyFriend

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