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Going soft
An_241699 posted:
What does it mean if im having foreplay with my girl & I'm hard the entire time 20-30+ minutes more or less. Then all of a sudden not long after I go in, I get soft without even discharging? She's fine, so attractive & there's nothing wrong with her physically in any fashion. We tried twice and the same thing happened. Before her I was a virgin for multiple reasons (more moral) but not because I couldn't get any. How can I fix this?
Jumper2011 responded:
Did you masturbate quite a bit before meeting your girlfriend?
gymrat44 responded:
Sounds like you're new to all of this -- which is fine, we all were once -- and getting going can take some patience and practice. Sure, when you're aroused and enjoying the moment it's not difficult to stay hard. But all of a sudden "you're doing it!" and a conversation between various parts of you in your head may be putting a dampler on things. That would be something which with patience you can get past.

It would be great if your partner was both experienced and understanding; if not, maybe its something you can both work out together. It's certainly worth the effort. And who said it was going to be easy? There are always issues, that's why there are discussion groups like this one.

Good luck!
Elle0317 responded:
Sounds like it could be performance anxiety. Are you nervous about not being able to please her? or have any other fears related to sex?
Dick912 replied to Elle0317's response:
Do you drink before you start petting and getting worked-up? Any drugs? Yes, anxiety and anything causing stress in your life can be factors in all of this.

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