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Pain while urinating after an ejaculation
PietPeuterig posted:
Has anyone experience this? Sometimes it happens sometimes not, is there anything to be worried about?
Torcal responded:
Yes. A bladder infection which can spread. Or, it could have to do with your Prostate. An infection can be determined by a urine sample and a prostate probem by a blood test and physical examination.

You may make it go away by sitting in a few inches of warm bath water, but it's still there. Go see a doctor. They deal with this stuff all the time.
sluggo45692 responded:
You didn't give any specifics, so depending on when your talking about urinating, here some ideas.
If it's immediately after sex, then it could be your prostate is still spasming and your trying to change it's spasms in mid spasm. Let yourself rest a few minutes after ejaculation (you can cuddle a little longer and make your S/O happy), then try to urinate. This was my problem.\
If it still occurs after a long period of time (say 20 minutes), check with your MD. I know if I have sex with a "piss" hard-on & ejaculate, that is going to be a sore urination, as well as uncontroled stream.
It may also be painful to urinate after your partner gave you a prostate massage ejaculation.
Hope these help

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