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Changing sexual views
Swan88 posted:
Much is discussed about the sexual revolution caused by the pill and free love of the 60s and 70s and the death of it and return to a more monogamous time caused by AIDS.

But talking with young people today and reading surveys and sex studies, etc. it seems like opinions and actions of people have changed again.

It started to come to light when Bill Clinton's activities told us oral sex was not really sex.

Then Madonna kissing Britney told us sex between women was acceptable and almost the norm even by straight women.

Head Coach of the NY Jets admits he has a foot fetish.

Swapping is in a more quiet place then the days of Bill , Ted, Carol and Alice but those that do it seem to be comfortable telling others about it and not just in private discussions like this.

I would guess most under 30 couples feel very comfortable with the new norm but I expect most that are older did not grow up with sex being so open and the variations being so acceptable may not be as comfortable accepting it.

I would like to hear from people how they feel about the changing values and activities. Are you doing it, comfortable with it, judgmental about others that do it, want to pass laws that stop it, think they are all going to hell? Would you be flattered, shocked or insulted if you(or you and your spouse) were invited to join another person(couple) for sexual activities like these?

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