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Gunnyl posted:
Does being diagnosed of having low libido mean that you have erectile dysfunction? My doctor put me on testosterone cyponiate (.08) of 200mL every two weeks. And how long does it take to notice of changes or no changes? I think i'm getting man boobs.......
Retiredin2000 responded:
Low testosterone is common as we get older. I am Low "T", but I don;t think shots or cream work very well. I take testoserone inserts every three months and that works wonders! My libido is now high, have strong erections and my wife loves it! (We are in our upper 60s) You need to finfd the right MD>
Torcal replied to Retiredin2000's response:
I believe that pills are prescribed for this condition. Ask your doctor for a Testosterone check, give some blood and you will know in a day or so.

No cream on the US market works. The Germans have developed one that actually works very well but the pharmaceutical companies that control our congress will not let the FDA approve it for use in the US.

The shots do work but are only used by physicians to check whether there are any physical reasons why a guy can't get an erection. If not used wisely the drug can produce a full erection for such a long time that the cells inside the tissue that expands to create an erection actually burst. If that happens it will the the last erection you have ever had or will have in your life.
Retiredin2000 replied to Torcal's response:
There are no pills for testerone replacement. Shots & creams are not very consistant. I am getting testosterone pellet implants and they work great. The implants last about three months. Only problem is that the implants are not normally covered by insurance.

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