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My girlfriends vagina is not tight alll of a sudden.
Cheeko11 posted:
Hi all.

In a short note:

Been with a girl for 6 years. Her vagina is real real tight. We only really see each other at weekends due to work. Anyway she has been contemplating breaking up with me this past month. Ignored me this past 2 weekends. Asked her was she cheating, she said 'NO'. Anyway she now wants to break up. We have not had sex in 2 weeks. We had sex this morning before she went home for xmas. Her vagina was way more loose than normal (i.e. It normally takes a while to get in as we do not really do foreplay). I know she was flirting with a guy last week. I believe she cheated on me. I mean there really was a diffference in her vagina for the first time in 6 years!! She wasn't excited as it felt more of a sympathy sex for leaving me.

Am I right, or just paranoid.

Thanks guys
Elle0317 responded:
She may be cheating, BUT you cannot judge by her loosness of a vagina!!! Women's wetness varies over the course of the month due to our menstral cycle, some days we are wetter then usual (to the point where it soaks my underwear), some days dry....If you believe she cheated then end the relationship and move on. There is nothing worse then being accused of cheating when you are not. I think you two have nore issues then what you stated here, like you said sh'e been comtemplating breaking up anyway. Maybe she is tired of the lack of foreplay...foreplay is essential to love making, not so much for a selfish guy who wants to get in and get out.

Can you explain why a loose vagina would mean cheating. Do you actually think the vagina will stay 'open' from the previous encounter? You've obviously had sex with her before....think about it.....
Cheeko11 replied to Elle0317's response:
Heh Elle. Thanks for response

She doesn't enjoy foreplay whih pisses me off, actually she likes to get straight at it, which is fair enough.

Did it stay open from our previous encounters, no it doesn't, so may be she got a bigger boy which is why it stayed open longer.

I don't know. She really says she never done anything. So all I can do is believe her and try to forget about it.

Thanks Elle. That helped.

Elle0317 replied to Cheeko11's response:
A vagina won't stay open for long, it's very elastic. And once she is not aroused anymore it will go back to normal, no matter how big the other one was (if that is the case).
Cheeko11 replied to Elle0317's response:
Thanks Elle. I feel a little better after that.

Have a merry xmas and dont get too drunk!!!


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