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Foreskin Restoration
bj102364 posted:
I am circumcised and am thinking about foreskin restoration. I'm talking about the type where over time you stretch the foreskin to force it to grow longer. Not surgical restoration. Has anyone here had success with this?
fcl responded:
I suggest you also post your question over on a couple of the men's exchanges, for instance on:


Good luck!
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Torcal responded:
No I haven't so I can't give you a testimonial. Google "forskin restoration" and you can find out all you want.
An_242829 responded:
I would start by going to the website of the National Organization of Restoring Men, . They have great links to resources. And good luck!
RestoringTally responded:
I am restoring my foreskin. It is the best thing I have ever done for me.

Before I started restoring I had tight erections. After about a year of manual tugging using tugging method 2, I had full flaccid coverage. I am working on erect coverage.

I regained all the sensitivity I lost from my glans rubbing against my shorts. My foreskin protects the sensitive bits, now. I also got the gliding action, something I never knew existed before I started restoring. The gliding action changes the whole dynamics of sex and masturbation. I like it. My wife likes it. A definite win-win for both of us.
David_Johns replied to RestoringTally's response:
RestoringTally, we keep running into each other on all kinds of sites! I am glad you passed on the restoring info. (I am the user identified above as "An_242829" -- I couldn't figure out how to change it.)

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