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Penis skin irritation question
Inquiringperson posted:
If someone has any ideas regarding this, it would be greatly appreciated.
I am a 40 something female: For the past two weeks, my partner has been suffering from the following:
The skin just below his head, when you pull the skin back is very red and bumps, no blisters, no cuts. Just very red and he says that when he gets erect and his clothes bump him, it is very very painful. I have been tested for STDs and am clean and have no irritations, infections, or otherwise. We use latex condoms on a regular basis.
I have heard that too rough sex, (which is frequently the case) could be the cause. I have also heard that too frequent masturbation may be the cause. Or even dry masturbation. In other words, it's just plain irritated.
Any ideas as to what might be going on??
Torcal responded:
That area is where all of the very sensitive nerve endings are. On some occasions after sex this area is so sensitive that it hurts badly even to touch it. However, the nerve sensitivity decreases quickly. Every guy I've ever talked to about this has had a similar experience. He's not doing anything wrong but he can stop the "clothes bumping" with a pair of Jockey shorts or a jock strap.

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