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Totally Unnecessary Breast Examinations (TUBE)
dick912 posted:
It seems like my wife gets a breast exam every time she goes to the doctor's office. Is this normal? She does have natural 34DDDs and they are beautiful. I was wondering if her breast size was an attraction to the male doctors who just want to see and feel them. I have no problem with her getting a breast exam every time. I was just wondering if other women/wives get a TUBE?
fcl responded:
It very much depends on what she is seeing the doctor for. If it's for a flu shot then yes, it's totally unnecessary. If it's for a well-woman exam or for a contraceptive prescription then it's not unnecessary. Does breast cancer run in her family, by the way? If it does then the doctor is more liable to check her regularly.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
fcl replied to fcl's response:
PS - How often does she see the doc? Often or about once a year?
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
hairyd responded:
Dick, I have seen my wife have TUBE this was discussed on another thread. You may want to discussed this with her doctor. I ask my wife's gynecologist he agreed he enjoys the breast exam. But explains that he exams the breast on each patient's vist. Just as he request the patient and her husband to fully exam her breast at less once a monrth. Since a mammogram is only once a year. Changes can be found and save lives. He also explain by doing a full and professional breast exam. The patient is relaxed and moist making a vaginal exam more comfortible for the lady. Also stated he only get a full erection a few times a week. But always wears scrubs because on most exams he has a semi.
But does not think of the exam as sexual, just his normal body reaction.

Dick, I know I have my penis checked on my every doctor vist. I always get a full a full hard on; but it is not a sexual time for me or the doctor. The doctor grasped the penis, palpated and rolled my testicles, used his fingers and his thumbs of both hands to palpate the whole shaft. Then the hernia and prostate exam. I would prefer our doctors spend 5 to 10 minutes every few months checking my dick and my wife's breast.

My wife and I have both been in the exam room during the other's exam. I would advise you may also want to watch. But be prepared some of the movements in the exam is going to look the same as sexual foreplay.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
dick912 replied to fcl's response:
She will see a doctor anywhere from once a year to 4 times a year depending if she feels ill or not. A full 10 minute breast exam takes place every time. I don't have a problem with it and thanks to HairyD for his input.

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