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If I'd been born a woman, I'd.... (you reply)
ongawesgone posted:
I told my wife several years ago, "If our roles were reversed, if you were me, and I you, I would be jumping your bones every chance I got." She said, "You don't know that. What if, as me being a man, I didn't want sex?" I said, "I'd find ways to change your mind." hahahaha

But seriously. No, I don't want to be a woman, never have. But, had I been born female, here's what I'd do for the man in my life. If I had a boyfriend or husband, and if he kept himself in shape --as I try to do, at 45-- and if he wanted sex frequently, I would do everything I could to keep him satisfied.

For instance. If he were a nude sleeper, and I woke up first, whether he was sporting morning wood or not, I would definitely reach over, if I wasn't snuggled to him already, and explore "him". I don't think there are too many men who would wake up in a foul mood, having that kind of exploring going on.

Whether he's limp, has a chubby, or a full-erection, I wouldn't hesitate to give him whatever he wanted. Even if I wasn't in the mood to have sex, or, even he just wanted masturbation, it would be my hand satisfying him, not his own.

Anyway, that's what I would do if I were a female. And yes, I wish my wife would feel that way toward me. She knows my sex-drive, and yet, I have to tell her: please, more displays of affection, even if it means I get so aroused I have to untuck my shirt! hahahahahaha

I'll understand if no one else feels comfortable replying.
hairyd responded:
ongawesgone , I am glad I was born the male. But you got the right ideas. I have never know a woman that did not enjoy breakfast served in bed. After she awoke to my tongue caressing her mound and then slowly entering her. As my hands massage her thighs. After I have her fully satisfyied and awake she has no delay satisfying me anyway I ask her.
If it dinner I will bring home a prepared meal, flowers and maybe a small gift. I will then jump her bones as I eat dessert off her breast and vaginal.

You said the right words " please, more displays of affection,". Therefore stop think about your penis needs.
YOU display affection to her; I swear your penis will be drained.

Never untuck the shirt; let the world know your a MAN; But remember it the FEMALE is turn on she needs the MALE to finish what he started.

I like the way you think; now start screwing.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
ongawesgone replied to hairyd's response:

I appreciate your vote of confidence for not "untucking" my shirt when I'm sporting a chubby, or an erection straining against my jeans. However, there are enough men out there who feel it necessary to "show their package" by moose-knuckling,or, wanting to make their bulge look more impressive. Nah. I don't want to do that. If my chubby gets noticed, oh well. I'll leave flaunting to the privacy of my home... and my wife! hahahahahahahaha

Our ten year wedding anniversary this weekend --1/15-- I plan on getting some screwing done, if I can last beyond getting my head in. May not even last passed her playing with/stroking it. Been a little over a week without, and I'm craving.

See ya!
hairyd replied to ongawesgone's response:
Man Congratulations on ten years of marriage. You need to celebrate the whole weekend. I agree flaunte IT at home. But enjoy the feel of the big boy whenever your wife get you so aroused.
I know the craving I need to slip into my wife every day. But if I had to wait a week. I know I also would be weak. My penis would be so wanting to release. I would also cum with the first touch. As a man you are taken IT in your on hands daily to release the pressure.
You and your wife to be more sexual active. How about tonight after dinner run her a hot bubble bath. After she has had a time to relax and enjoy. While the water is still warm join her. Go slow; you may want to release some pre cum before intercourse. If you are to quick and pleasure only you. Then snuggled with her in bed watch a sexy comedy, sexy thriller, did I said sexual movie. Then intercourse again. You may want to use a rubber guard on your penis for a while to slow you down. Or a doughnut ring. I use the ring to stop from put the full 12x6 in her rear. But friends use it to hold the blood in their penis. Until you are able to have sex more. Man you know these things just remeber You are using your tongue to pleasure your wife?. When you cum on entering her. Stop her from playing/ stroking. Get down to screwing. If you continue not to have a 3 to 30 minutes of sex; you may want to have a talk with a doctor. I may have said to much. But I want you and your wife to a specail sex experience....
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.

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