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PE and unable to stay hard after I'm done
An_242732 posted:
Well I'm 25. To get to the point when I have sex I don't seem to last more than 30 seconds. I've had 4 partners my entire life. It always happens no matter what I do or how often I have sex. It didn't bother me too much before cause I could at least remain hard after and continue to please the girl. But recently I had sex with this girl that I have been trying to date for over a year and a half and was unable to stay hard after I got done. After everything was going good we were starting to click and now with the horrible sexual encounter I'm pretty much back to square one.

I guess I have 2 questions. 1) why can't I seem to last that long? and 2) why wasn't I able to remain hard with the girl I'm with right now?

Don't get me wrong I'm crazy about this girl. and I was really hoping to impress her so things would finally get serious between us. I understand that nerves and stress and over thinking of me wanting it to be a great experience between me and her probably caused me to lose my hard on after I finished. but I usually can keep going. I don't know what other info to put on here so just ask. My self confidence is so shot right now I can't even get hard unless I really force it. So really hoping for some help...
Torcal responded:
It's not clear from your post, but I assume that your question "why can't I seem to last that long" relates to your queston why you can't maintain an erection after ejaculating.

I can't explain the whole thing in medical terminology but I do have a common sense answer: After you ejaculate the blood flows out of your penis and it becomes flaccid. Although a lot of guys claim that thay can maintain post-sex erections and even have multiple orgasms, these fortunate guys are relatively rare.

Most men lose erections following ejaculation. That's just how we are built.

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