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Intact/Uncut/Uncircumcised Americans
David_Johns posted:
When I was growing up in the '50s and '60s in the southern U.S., my year-younger brother and I were the only intact boys I knew. Later I learned that some/many intact guys retract their foreskins to urinate, so maybe at least some of those penises with an exposed glans that I saw at the urinals were intact and I just thought they were cut. (I never retracted my foreskin to pee. The feeling of the urine splashing around inside before shooting out the ample overhang was a great feeling!) Of course I always kept myself clean, retracting and washing off the glans every time I bathed/showered.

I have heard that many fathers in the years leading up to the 1980s had their sons cut because they were afraid their sons would be teased by their friends if they were not cut.

I never experienced being teased because of my foreskin. In fact, in high school and in college, it was frequent that cut friends were fascinated by my foreskin and wanted to know how it worked. (I showed them.)

I know from talking with (and seeing) cut guys masturbating that the glans on their penis is not as sensitive as on my penis (and on other intact penises). They can rub the head directly with their palms, which I certainly cannot do and feel pleasure -- if I were to do this, it would be almost painful.

Have any of you intact American guys had experiences being in the "circumcision minority" that you would like to share here (either with your name or anonymously)?

(The reason I focused on Americans is that in most other countries that do not practice religious circumcision, almost all of the men are intact. I wanted to have intact guys in mostly-cut America have this discussion. And by the way, the rate of routine infant circumcision in the U.S. has been steadily declining since the 1980s.)
ongawesgone responded:
I don't think my circumcision was anything "religious". My parents are plain Christian, nothing spectacular, so I think it was just done.

My stepdaughter's boyfriend and father of their son, even though American, is not cut. Yet, when it came time to do or don't their son, they had him cut.

Personally speaking, my wife --when we were dating-- prior to the first time she saw mine, she was hoping I was cut. She doesn't "care for" the look of the uncut, so that might have been a deal breaker had I not been cut.

Myself, I don't think there's a "majority"/"minority" issue. You're either cut or you aren't. Your significant other either accepts it/adjusts to it or not. It's along the lines of the penis size debate, why have one? You have what you have, enjoy it!

My wife has become multi-orgasmic. Usually she has at least two: one vaginal; one clitoral. Recently, she had three. My enjoyment in all of it was being the man she had them with, and her encouraging me to thrust harder/deeper. No worries here! hahahahahaha

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