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High Sex Drive & Age
An_243347 posted:
I'll be turning 42 in a few months, and while my sex drive is thankfully not as high as it was when I was in my 20's, it is still annoyingly high to the point of be a frequent distraction. I feel like an aging joke: feeling like a horny teenager still getting that addictive high of just looking at attractive women, many younger than me. I have had in the past relationship issues with my sex drive, wanting sex sometimes more than 3-4 times a day, especially when the weekend came and the pressures of work faded. I could spend all weekend with my girlfriend. At work, this is a real distraction with all this pent up sexual energy. Lately, this has become worse and I have become terribly insomniac and wondering if I have entered a manic stage, something which I am convinced in my 20's I had recurrent instances of sexually. But if so, why now at this older age? Are there any others out there that experience this? Is this normal? Or am I just getting paranoid? Thanks.
dick912 responded:
I went through a similar situaion back then. It lasted for about 10 years. Your situation as far as I am concerned is normal. It could be what they call "The Mid-life Crisis". Enjoy it while it lasts. I my situation, I have gone from needing sex at least once a day to needed visual stimulation very often. It is a different visual stimulation. It is almost non-sexual. I just enjoy the beauty of a nude woman. My wife provides some of my needs when she goes topless with her 34Fs. I guess the older we get, our needs and desires will change.
BillNY replied to dick912's response:
Perhaps. I would be lying if I said I cannot believe I am over 40 now, for it seems like yesterday I was in college and it is all so vivid to me. But truth be told I had these periods several times before in my life: at a teendager, in my mid twenties, and then very briefly in my mid thirties. They come on inexplicably. Even when there was no reason to be anxious or down, I dark lull would come over me and last for months, frequented irregularly by these periods of intense feelings of unrest and thrill seeking, which during intercourse would become profound euphoric highs, done like I have experienced in any other fashion. I have avoided even the most casual drug use because I am convinced I would be high risk for dependency in these periods but honestly it is a wonderful intense, brief rush, but almost immediately followed by such a lonely sadness, even when having been with someone. I cannot describe it better and at a lost for why except it being more than just a mid-life crisis or being horny. I really wonder now at this age if I have suffered manic depression and never fully realized it. Thankfully, I can be highly functional even in these periods but at work, I just cannot take social interactions and become quite withdrawn and colleagues have noticed and asked. I just tell them I'm just a bit stressed but damn I feel pathetic for this, like some angst, love stricken teen with all this chaotic energy of highs and lows crashing against the shores of my psyche leaving me so focused and in awe of mere existence itself and wanting almost nothing to do with it the next. Its just not right.

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