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Keagal's/Pelvic exercises
abe648 posted:
I know that for the women that doing these exercises helps to tone/tighten up the vaginal area as well as help in a more satisfying orgasm if using these muscles during intercourse. From what I have read there should be a noticeable difference in about 3 months to see some difference and then at 6 months it should be a greater difference for a woman.

My question is what are the benefits a man gets if he does these exercises. What does he gain by doing these exercises. How many times a day should they be done. How long will it take to see some benefits from doing the exercises.

I do not get on the exchange a lot but will respond when I can. It could be a while before I get back to any replies.
elle0317 responded:
I've heard it helps men with premature ejaculation or lasting longer. But for how long and in at what capacity they need to be done, I don't know.
abe648 replied to elle0317's response:
Elle Thank you for your reply. I have googled Kegal exercises amd each time I have it comes up with how it will halp the ladies and nothing about what it will do for the mmen. Perhaps there is a guy or gal who can give me some first hand story of how it helped them or their partner.
gymrat44 replied to abe648's response:
You might consider doing both some kegels and some jelqing as part of an overall penis exercise program. While I can't put a finger on a particular benefit which kegels have given me I believe that the increased penile awareness and control has contributed to my becoming multi-orgasmic.

And one of the joys of kegels is that you can do them just about anytime, anywhere! I can do kegels here at my desk while I sure can't do jelqing! (Search under 'JELQ' under this and other WebMD forms for more info on the topic).

Good luck, Abe648! We all deserve to get as much out of our penises as we can!

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