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testatorone cream
cuba45 posted:
hi..i want to find out if those testatorone creams that are sold on health stores ,,,amazon or online drug stores are for real? are they safe? or do the real ones require a prescription?
they say you apply it to parts of your body i have a low libido problems
i dont have medical insurance to see a Dr
what about herbal supplements? any info will be appreciated
Torcal responded:
They're all phony. And it's dangerous to buy mail order drugs of any kind because you don't know where or what they are made of.

Testosterone is not a cure for ED and too much in your system can be downright dangerous. A simple blood test will show whether your testosterone level is within the normal range given your age. And only a doctor can tell you that.
fcl responded:
Forget all of the "natural" or "herbal" supplements. They don't work.

As for testosterone - well, it will only work if your low libido is caused by low testosterone ... and as PP said, you need a doctor for that (although, as your testosterone levels vary throughout the day, your best bet is with several saliva tests - they're more accurate than blood tests - during the day to get a better picture of your testosterone levels).

However, as you're looking for a low-cost solution to a low libido, start by asking yourself when your libido started to slide - can you tie it in with an event? Bereavement, divorce, illness, job loss, etc. If you can find what started the problem you can try working on solving it by coming to terms with the root cause.

Unfortunately, if you have always had a low libido then that is just who you are. You can't get back something you never had ...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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