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Best Friend/Advice
boricuapr posted:

I need the best advice from you.
I have a best friend and we have been together
all these years working in a relationship customer/vendor.

Also he knows my family well (kids and wife and ex-wife).
For some years I though he was bi. I consider myself bi.

Recently a friend of my friend confirm to me that he is bi.

My issue is that we have never got deep into sexual talking or
sexual situations, but I have interest in him. He lives alone and have 46
I have 53.

I am not sure how to approach him. Should I talk openly to him or
wait for sexual situation?

Hope you can help me.
Also you can email me to:
rickone responded:
he's a best friend?
you have worked together for years?
you work both sides and think he does as well?
you two best friends have never talked about sex?
well, if you think he may be interested in a tumble with you, go out for coffee or a drink and bring the subject up. your both old enough to have any kind of sex you want. if you two are really friends then what ever the outcome should not destroy that. if you are wrong about his desires then just apologize and tell him you are needing sex and wondered if he was as well and were just curious about a mam to man experience.
TravisHou responded:
go out for a drink... and bring up the fact of rubbing one out.. or. the fact that your so horned up you could stroke off now.. or that next time you hint that your so tired that he will have to hold it for you.... all kind of open lines..
gymrat44 replied to TravisHou's response:
And remember that sex should be warm and relaxing. Bring the topic up in a relaxed way that would spark his interest and see what happens. Deepening a relationship could be a wonderful thing!
boricuapr replied to gymrat44's response:
Thanks for your advice. He is kind of shy so I am saying to him that he should be more open with me, specially in sex topics (so far in this case - related to women). He is not into details, so i am talking to him more about sex.
hairyd replied to boricuapr's response:
Boricuapr, if after years he has not show you any intrest in a relationship. He may not want to be part of a adultery affair.
Mixing pleasure and business relationship is like mixing oil with water. I would advise to leave this a fantasy.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.

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