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Giving great head
Happyisthewitch posted:

Happyisthewitch responded:
ok, for some reason my question was deleted. here goes again.
I just started the sexual aspect of a releationship with a very great guy. I love giving him head but the issue is he is so much THICKER than Im used to and I keep scraping him with my back teeth. He says its ok but it just crashes my confidence and kills the mood for me. Any suggestions on how to not strip him like a bad wire? I really want to please him and its something I am (or used to be anyway) really talented at.
Anon_16867 replied to Happyisthewitch's response:
TALENTED YOU SAY..PRACTICE ..PRACTICE sure your man does not mind..i am excited already..wish my S/O would think the way you do.
hairyd replied to Anon_16867's response:
I also enjoy a little teeth it does with a big wide penis. Why should it kill the mood. If you able to take his thrusting penis in your throat. It' s all pleasure to him. Or he would go soft or tell you. Real man have a rough cock. They Can Take a Beating.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Anon_16867 replied to hairyd's response:
yes i have gotten some teeth marks on mines a few times and it left a scar that lead too a sore penis ..had to wait till it healed up before i got another bj...
Anon_130552 replied to Anon_16867's response:
867- some woman do try to pull the skin off; and like to bite
I hate to have to wait for my cock to heal, but it feels so Good.
I have a friend that the salvia / germs got in his penis during a a bj. His doctor put him in the hospital. He was forced to tell his wife why his dick was infected.
Anon_16867 replied to Anon_130552's response:
not all women can give great bjs..had a few that i had too make them stop ..they think that if they are giving you a bad bj that is what will happen...
dick912 replied to Anon_16867's response:
Not only do you need to practice, you need to practice on something that is as big or bigger than your bf. You might try practicing on a cucumber or zucchini. Bananas might be too small but a long one can help controlling your gag reflex.
Anon_16867 replied to dick912's response:
dick912 replied to Anon_16867's response:
That is very true. The other items I suggested can help a woman practice without making her man or herself feel like she is not enjoying the experience.
Anon_130552 replied to dick912's response:
The Real Thang in a relationship is not always hanging around. Dick was right on but you need to measure. You will need a few more inches to hold on. Also most bananas have a curve, which is great if his also has a curve. A carrot would be good for the lenght.

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