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    Do you use your dominant hand to masturbate?
    doogood posted:
    This is purely out of curiosity. I'm right handed, but I use my left hand to masturbate. I have no idea why but that's what comes naturally to me. I just thought I'd throw the question out there and see how people respond. Thanks!
    cam35 responded:
    I am right handed and use my right hand. I have used my left hand, but it usually takes much longer. Sometimes you just want to cum.
    gymrat44 responded:
    Either hand. Change things up as much as possible. Sometimes I can even 'confuse' my penis into thinking it's another guy who's started stroking -- and that can be stimulating in itself.

    Sometimes it can be fun to use both hands at once -- even though I've heard a good suggestion only to have one hand on your penis at a time. The other hand should be simultaneously stroking some other part of your body, anywhere from your face, your pecs, your butt -- you get the idea.

    There's no end to the ways we can pleasure ourselves -- make sure you find as many of them as possible!
    doogood replied to cam35's response:
    And that's what I would expect most guys to say - that they use the same hand that they write with. Probably out of habit I guess. And for whatever reason when I want to cum I use my left hand - guess I'm abidextrous - in more ways than just which hand I use! Thanks for answering!
    doogood replied to gymrat44's response:
    I understand what you mean gymrat about 'confusing' your body by doing something out of the ordinary to build the excitement and arousal. And I completely agree with your comment that there possibilities for pleasure are endless and that the ongoing discovery is half the fun! Thanks for sharing!
    gymrat44 replied to doogood's response:
    You're welcome, my ambidextrous friend!

    May our shared imaginations carry us away to even greater and more satifying pleasures!
    pattysrose responded:
    As a female, it seems easier to use my right hand... though I am left handed. I seem to touch myself in the lower extremities with the right & my breasts with the left.... at the same time. However, when possible, my boyfriend takes care of these factors for me.
    doogood replied to gymrat44's response:
    Here here! I second (handed) that suggestion!
    doogood replied to pattysrose's response:
    Thanks so much for responding pattysrose! As an ambidextrous self satisfier, its great to hear of others out there! If you don't mind me asking and if you feel comfortable answering here, which hand does your boyfriend use to pleasure you? I again tend to use my left hand on my wife in the lower extremities and my right hand on her breasts. I suppose its because its how we lay in bed and what I am most comfortable with. Again - thank you for your response!
    cageyexec replied to gymrat44's response:
    Love your use of the term "confuse" because that has been exactly my experience and never before have I encountered anyone who could relate to what I've been talking about. Granted, this isn't something I discuss with just anyone!
    gymrat44 replied to cageyexec's response:
    Hey, Cagey, I wasn't sure how easily the group members would understand the idea of "confusing" the penis -- glad you've had the confusion experience, too. Our bodies are amazing things and as I've been shining a flashlight into all the corners of my sexuality the better to understand and appreciate it, such things as that are encountered.

    And you're also proving that even the oddest or most offbeat of sexual feelings or expressions is something which someone else has run into. Thanks for posting! Would enjoy hearing more of your experiences in the days ahead.
    Lavorcia replied to gymrat44's response:
    hupo73 responded:
    I can use either hand. It both works equally well for me.
    festival42 responded:
    Alternate between hands and that way you will be able to touch all areas of the penis for maximum stimulation and enjoyment.
    doogood replied to hupo73's response:
    truly an ambidextrous person!

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