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is kegel a therapy for me
sfmalik posted:
I can't stay inside more then 30 seconds. Though I am not a use to have a fatigue(mental or physical) also I play mind trick(counting in mind while intercourse, or thinking about other matters) but stil 30 or 40 seconds are max, I cant go more, while she has to suffer(because she remain charged)

I don't want to use Viagra because its expensive(I can't afford 3 tablets a week) seconds I am prone to heart disease(because I have Marfan syndrom)

Please help and suggest
gymrat44 responded:
Not being a healthcare professional and not knowing very much about your situation I can't say much in the way of help or suggestions. However, the kegel exercises which you have mentioned in the title of your piece are used to extend the amount of time a guy is sexually aroused before he ejaculates.

So using the kegel exercise and practicing it over time might help. But it would probably be best to see a professional/doctor to get advice which would be best-suited for your condition.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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