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    help my husband has erectile problems
    An_246181 posted:
    ok so we are both 42. He is disabled due to a back injury. He has nerve damage real bad. Sometimes he can sometimes he cant. We have a young daughter, so we have to kinda plan for sex. However our plans are sometimes not working out due do this problem. He will say maybe in the morning, maybe tonight....... I get excited at the prospect of being intimate, but then..... nothing happens. I am hurt by this. I am at the point in my sexual life where i want it all the time, but he cannot do it. If his back hurts he cant do it. We cannot really predict when his back will hurt. He also has stress due tomoney problems. We can't afford Viagra or other pills like that because medicare doesnt cover it. They think sex isnt necessary..... bullcrap. I try to be understanding, I tell him its ok we will try again another time. I tell him constantly I love him. I praise him when we do, because when it works it is great. I try to never let him see me cry..... what more can i do???? I am so sexually frustrated.....
    longduckdong46 responded:
    Well first off at 42 years old you should NOT qualify for medicare, and even if you did, Viagra would not ease back pain.
    Perhaps he needs to rehabilitate his back first and then maybe sex will follow ?
    An_246181 replied to longduckdong46's response:
    well honey this aint something thats happened overnight. He has been disabled since December of '03. We have tried all the therapies, and so on. we have beem to doc after doc. Been to three neurosurgeons. NoOne will touch his back. His surgery did not go well in 03. His disability is permanent, which is why he is on Medicare. There aint no fixing his back, Period. He will live with chronic back pain and permanent nerve damage the rest of his life. Not to mention, high blood pressure, copd, thyroid problems, the list goes on, and on.... I would not be on here if his problem could be fixed as easily as some physical therapy, I am not that selfish a person.
    longduckdong46 replied to An_246181's response:
    Well anon the only thing I can suggest since your sex deprived is to save up for an inexpensive vibrator, perhaps that would satisfy some of your urges ? and btw..why should medicare pay for viagra ?'s Not a life or death situation.
    dick912 responded:
    Go on-line and find ways to spice up your sex life. The both of you may find several different things that will excite both of you. Don't discount any of them until you try them. They have helped us.
    Anon_527 responded:
    You need therapy to help you deal with this.
    tuckermax responded:
    You dont always need a penis to have fun. I would try some basic toys and teasing. Try slowly moving ice around his body... or his junk, wherever he enjoys it. You will prob enjoy the sensation as well.. alot of girls enjoy putting it inside both of their holes down there. Its a pretty intense feeling so watch out.

    Ive read that for guys with nerve damage they use a vibrator on the underside of the head of the penis and it will help them get excited or orgasm.

    Try new facets of sex other than just intercourse. There is alot to be said for role play/toys/sensual massage.
    tuckermax replied to longduckdong46's response:
    Also, i suffer from a bad nervous system disorder that causes intense pain all over my body. Ive tried many many pain pills, ect but they either did not work, or caused too many side effects.

    I go get acupuncture once a week now on my back. I can't believe it took me so long to try it. I can't believe how much it has helped with my condition.

    Alot of acupuncturists will do the first visit free so you can get to know the practice and see if it will help. I've been sick for many many years and been to many doctors and if there is one thing I would suggest its a good experienced acupuncturist.
    exprzzionz responded:
    hey you might try buying some toys. Go online and look at the Aneros . it comes in several versions. it's used to manipulate the male G=Spot which is the prostate. I don't know how your husband will react to this or if you've tried this before. When my prostate is touched and massaged my penis surges to full erection becuse it feels that good. Every man who's had this loves it !

    Do not be afraid to try things they will add to your pleasure !

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