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    It always feel too good
    An_246644 posted:
    Hey guys, I've searched all around the internet and I can't seem to find anything about this problem I've been having.

    I'm 27 white male and for the last week ive been intensely horny 24/7. Even an orgasm won't give me any relief. I can deal with that, but the spot between my balls and anus has felt good all week.. all the time. Its almost like having a low level orgasm every second of the day. It was fun at first but now its starting to get in the way of my life and the pleasure gets really intense at odd moments and keeps me up at night.

    I know it sounds like an odd problem, but I hope someone has some suggestions.
    doogood responded:
    That is a unique problem! I know that I've experienced a warm/buzzing/tingling sensation in my perinium (the spot between my balls and anus.) That is also just about where your prostate is located and can be externally stimulated - speaking from experience. I also understand your comment about it feeling like a low level orgasm. Aside from seeing a doctor, have you tried any kind of numbing creams or desensitzing lotions? And on the other end of the spectrum, have you tried any kind of anal/prostate stimulation to try and relieve the sensation? I've used anal/prostate toys/devices to reach pretty intense orgasms when I have that 'itch' deep inside. At a purely non-medical level, have you stimulated yourself to the point where you need to have a really deep, strong orgasm and just haven't gotten there yet? I can honestly relate to what you're saying cause I've been there. Like that sensation just nags at you and demands to be attended to. My advice is to work on your internal pleasure spots - go slowly if this is new to you - and then ride it till your satisfied and relieved! There are many ways to achieve this and don't be embarrased or ashamed of this sensation. Once you can understand it, there's a great deal of pleasure to be gained!
    buttfuzz responded:
    Yes! I know exactly what you are feeling. My taint is the most sensitive erogenous zone on my body, which I discovered at a young age (I'm 36 now). I stimulate it while I masturbate or have sex to achieve my best orgasms. I get that same buzzing/ arousal feeling there all day sometimes too. And yeah- you're right when you say that it's very distracting! I just enjoy it as much as I can at that point. Hope you do too.
    thesicklychild responded:
    If this is contagious, I hope I can arrange for you to cough on me or I'll drink after you or whatever it takes to catch this.

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