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    Open Family
    shygurlnc posted:
    During a recent visit to my boyfriends parents house for an overnight stay something really weird happened. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when one of his sisters came in. She shut the door and took off all of her clothes and got into the shower. She did not seem to care that I was standing there and could see her, she did not even try to cover up. I have never been in this kind of situation, is that normal or healthy? She does not even know me and she does not care if I see her naked...

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    fcl responded:
    I must say I'm kind of surprised that this seems to bother you seeing as having sex in the same room with another couple and in fair view of them does not ...

    Why would seeing another woman naked be "unhealthy"? Personally, it would annoy me if someone came into the bathroom while I was there without knocking and waiting for an answer ... Did you leave the door open?
    shygurlnc replied to fcl's response:
    yes i left the door open
    fcl replied to shygurlnc's response:
    Sounds like you need to learn to keep the door shut if you don't want your privacy invaded. Personally, being naked in front of others doesn't bother me and it sounds like it doesn't bother your bf's family either. I wouldn't make a big deal of it ... but would close the door in future.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    I would at least ask if it was okay if I took a shower or would the person brushing their teeth rather I wait until they were done.
    fcl replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    Exacty! Learn to speak up when things bother you! Learn that others are not always what you think so it's up to you to set your boundaries. If you didn't want her wandering in behind you then you shut the door to start with and if she moves in anyway then TELL HER that you haven't finished. You don't have to put up with this unless it suits you. You have two entirely different ways of communicating and if you don't like hers then SAY SO. You're a grown up who is capable of saying what she wants... Aren't you?
    shudnobettr responded:
    If I was at my girlfriends parents place and her sister walked in on me and stripped down, so would I (strip down I mean).

    ; - )
    shygurlnc replied to fcl's response:
    you are right FCL. I am becoming more and more open as time goes by. I didn't really mind so to speak, just was suprised. It has been several years since I had another woman strip down nude in front of me like that, pretty much since college. LOL
    shygurlnc replied to shudnobettr's response:
    I am assuming your a guy.. LOL
    ontbear responded:
    I am a male. Was in a large public rest room. Many walls, stalls and urinals. I thought I was the only person there. Using a urinal (and did I have to go) I heard some one behind me. It was a female voice. She was a cleaning lady and was moping the floor. After a while she said "I could come back". I said no need now. She said ok. Did not bother me and why should it.

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