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How to Raise My Testosterone and my Libido!! Please Help!!
Anon_56036 posted:
I have Low-T but can't afford to get those exepensive injections every week. I also have no sex life!!

I'm 30 years old and married to a gorgeous woman, I should be having sex more than once a month.

Any/all help is appreciated.

1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:
I am the same age as you are and even though i havent had my T levels checked, based off of my symptoms im pretty sure i have low T as sucks. I came across an article in a mens fitness magazine, that showed a study where Vitamin D was shown to help raise Testosterone markers when taken for 6 months. Their recommended dosage was 3000 IU a day. But like anything else, consult your Doctor. I started to take vitamin D about a month ago, i havent really noticed any changes as of yet.
mintjulip3 replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
I can relate to your problem with low T. I have the same problem and basicly feel sexual dead! l use a topical testerone daily and it seems to help but I still don't get and actually honey like i use to when I was younger. I'm just 59 years old and far from being at the end of my sexual life but it feels like I am at the end of the road. I don't know if the shots work better or not. I am about ready to investigate the injections you can give to your penis and make you rock hard in minutes. I have numereous medcial problems and I'm sure that is a factor in my lack of desire. I want to Make love and think of it often but don't have the physical desire to go with the mind part of it.It's really frustrating and i know you can relate.
coolman101 responded:
Im 46 and have suffered from lot t, diabetes and chronic back pain for years. I take several different medications which also interfere with my libido.

I started taking tst. shots about 18 months ago and they have been very helpful, not just in my sexual performance, but also how I feel overall. It does take a while for the shots to build up in your body before you begin to feel any difference. For me it was about 3 months of getting a shot every two weeks.

I now have a much stronger sex drive, and my sex life is much better. I do still have some problems with ED, but it usually goes away once my g/f starts arousing me. My avg sexual activity is 6-10 X a week, depending on schedules, so I would definately be trying to increase the intimate parts of your relationship with your wife.

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