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SNOOPYZZ posted:
Masturbation is one of the reason of delayed ejaculation during sex. And this is related to the idea of "How we masturbate".

Once is person is used to a certain way of masturbation, is it possible to adapt easily to a new safe method that will counter effect the side effect which is delayed ejaculation.

Am i in the right spot, where i noticed that rough masturbation is a major cause of delayed ejaculation, but the question is how can someone move away from such habit in order to minimize the side effects.
gymrat44 responded:
I'm not really sure what you man by 'delayed ejaculation' and why it would be a problem. Usually guys are looking for ways to make their thrusting sessions last longer so having a delayed ejac should be a good thing.

There are always new ways to masturbate and it's good to keep changing around from one to another to keep it interesting -- and to keep you excited!

A concern about 'rough masturbation' -- again, not quite sure what you mean. But be careful, your penis can be injured by handling it too roughly.

Please post some more details so the guys on this board can have a better idea of what suggestions to offer. Good luck!
exprzzionz replied to gymrat44's response:
I agree Gymrat44 the word that jumped out was "rough". Nobody should have to be rough with their penis to enjoy masturbating. The only thing I can think of right off hand is maybe Snoopyzz has been going at it to much and is having to stroke really hard to reach orgasim. If so slow down and take a breather it will help and don't ever be rough with your penis or let anyone else be rough with it. It's delicate and you need to remember to be careful whatever this "rough" thing is.

As far as ways to masturbate ? If they cause no harm try them . I prefer to use my hands it works for me! But every now and then I'll change methods . Jacking off isn't really very complicated and comes natural to a guy.

Take care of your penis man ! You'll be glad you did.

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