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Problems with sex
animalover11193 posted:
My boyfriend and I have been masturbating each other for a while, and not too long ago, we had vaginal sex for the first time. I'm not a virgin so there was no problems for me. He on the other hand was a virgin, and therefore this was his first time. We tried my favorite position, missonary, then switched to cowgirl. When we went to switch again, we found that the condom had slipped off and that there was blood in it. Like I said, I'm not a virgin, so it wasn't me (I'm not on my period either). He is circumsized and we've run into problems while masturbating. He believes that he didn't come, and that the blood is from being circumsized. I want to know what I can do to stop this from happening and how to make sex more comfortable for him.
ontbear responded:
hi if there was no semen in the condom, thern he did not ejulate. the blood is some thing he needs to talk with his doctor don't wait go see the doctor. ontbear

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