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SEX toys
SirJim1221 posted:
I have been married a long time and two weeks ago I went for broke and brought out a small vibrator and asked my wife to just lay back and see if she would like it, well in about one minute she was cumming all over the bed I was so excited I almost came, Well last night i asked her if she wanted me to use it again and she said she didnt enjoy it the first time, WTF help
An_247002 responded:
Maybe she prefers you!
SirJim1221 replied to An_247002's response:
you may be right,thanks
exprzzionz responded:
Well what you were really asking was for her to masturbate in front of you. She obviously enjoyed hence the cumming. Sounds like after she cooled off and thought about it she was a little afraid that you saw a part of her sexuality you haven't seen. That would have been exciting to me too !

You might try talking to her about it and you might try a performance of your own. Intercourse is great but all kinds of play is too. Masturbating in front of each other is a real turn on to me. I think it's really hot ! Sounds like you've been thinking on this but broach the subject tenderly. In my view it would be great for both of you to add this to your bedroom.

Hang on to the vibrator you might need it yet..

Just my thoughts .
doogood replied to exprzzionz's response:
completely agree with you exprzzionz! SirJim - you need to find out - carefully and delicately - what your wife didn't like about the experience. It's rather obvious that she enjoyed it physically, and so did you which is great! My wife and I have similar expeiences with many many toys, but it took her a while to be comfortable with enjoying them - emotionally. She had this idea that deriving pleasure from an object was wrong. through many sessions and many different toys, we've learned what each other enjoys a lot and not so much. I would ask her to use the vibrator on your body - penis, nipples, whatever your comfortable with, allow yourself to enjoy it, be clear in telling her what feels good and what doesn't. Get off and encourage her to orgasm too while she's working you over. Key point is to go at the speed you're both comfortable with and enjoy the experimentation. Have fun!

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