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Accident During Oral Sex
Anon_183567 posted:
Three weeks ago I guess I gave my husband oral sex and I guess I got a little to into it beause the day after he said I accidently bit him and the tip of his penis, near the opening was sore. It started feeling better days later so we had intercourse; he said it was feeling better. After he wished he hadn't. This scenario repeats in the last three weeks. He says the area its at is just sore and it being so hot lately (around 110 most days) the heat, makes the area sweat more and since he wears pants all day long it just doesn't have time to breathe. That plus he didn't let it heal as he should have before we had sex again. Neither of us has STDs, he has no illnesses, no UTI infection. He is healthy, no health issues. There is no pus or discharge. Its just sore right at the tip caused by an accidental bite by his wife (me), just in an area that takes longer to heal. Any home remedies my husband can use to help to heal the area. Thanks
An_247988 responded:
have him shower using dial antibacterial soap and sleep naked to let it air dry
doogood responded:
not sure if this will help or not, but some triple antibiotic ointment might help. or if it's simply sore/painful, some kind of numbing lotion may help.
sofivergara11 responded:
Try to apply some oniment or go to the doctor for the good results.

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