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Large package & can go for hours
gman4444 posted:
Unfortunately I am in a small majority of men when it comes to bedroom activities & my wife hasn't given it up for 4 years due to my situation...are there any other men out there with this issue?
Anon_475 responded:
Often men who can "go for hours" have desensitized their penis due to using an overly tight grip when they masturbate making it difficult to get the same level of stimulation from vaginal intercourse. Have you tried to "retrain" yourself, using less of a grip? Being less rough on your penis? You might find your wife showing interest again if you combine a more sensitive penis with tons of foreplay. Just a thought.

Do you discuss this with her at all?
gman4444 replied to Anon_475's response:
No I haven't. I've had this situation for the last 30 years. I'll admit, I am a bit rough with the wiener & your suggestion has merit. I'll have to try this out & re-post the results at some point. Could be months at this rate. She lost her libido 4-5 years ago & now is going through menopause & finds sex repulsive. I now wish I would have married a women 5-8 years younger. Any suggestions for this scenario?
doogood replied to gman4444's response:
I'm going to with the obvious here. First focus on your wife's pleasure, slowly bring her to arousal and eventually orgasm with no stimulation to yourself. Do this a few times or over a few nights if needed. Refrain from orgasm as long as you can and as many nights as you can. the goal here is to have her enjoy intercourse more and you to be come more sensitive to sensation. good luck!

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well 1st im bi, 2nd im only 13,and 3rd I would feel better if only men responded to my questions.

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