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Penis injections
alantewks posted:
I have a couple of issues. I'm 66 years old. The impotence drugs stopped working and I started the injections. The first attempt didn't get me erect. I have a very large flaccid penis. Will it take more solution to get me hard? Also, the doctor told me that men with my size penis may not get fully hard especially at my age. He said that I might need an implant. I'm very concerned. Will the injections work? I was too depressed to get into a conversation with him.
hairyd responded:
Make another appointment with the doctor or another physican. Your first injection should be give my the doctor.
To confirm the amount and satisfication of the patient.

True a larger penis will need addition med. solution.
If you did not get a semi hard. You may need a implant
True your penis and your body is not going to be as hard as a teenager. But you and your sex partner will be able to get SEX or SATISFIED!!!!!!!!

Do not be depressed or embrassed. The Dochas seen a Hard Penis.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
alantewks replied to hairyd's response:
It was given by a doctor at a clinic. It cost $299. He said that I would have to come back to try another dose. Even when the pills worked, my wife would have to continuously jack me right up to when I put it in. If left alone I would immediately loose my erection. I'm of the generation who doesn't ask many questions of a doctor.
hairyd replied to alantewks's response:
GOOD sex is never cheap..... I would save the money and go back for a larger dose.

Until then. Let the wife jack it and you finger her pussy slowly..
Enjoy the foreplay. But you want her cavity tight

I do not know your generation. I have dated myself on threads that stated I swim naked in the YMCA and Swim Teams.

But talk to your doctor as you would a friend. You doctor and friends have a penis. They know how it works or fails to work.

If you must write your comments. Then if you must read this information to the doctor. Or like him read the paper.
Man he has already see your dick in action. Do not be embrassed

If any guys with small penis are reading this. YES there are negatives to having a Huge penis. This is only one.!!!
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
alantewks replied to hairyd's response:
where can I buy a snap gauge to check for nocturnal erections?
Anon_475 replied to alantewks's response:
You can check with postage stamps. You wrap a "ribbon" of them around your flaccid penis. If the ribbon is broken next morning you'll know you had a nocturnal erection.

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