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Answer to Condom and Pregancy Statics
hairyd posted:
Johnnem, I would advise every man - every time he has sex; he could become a father.
The condoms has been around for hundreds of years. They all are man maded and inexpensive.

You are putting the condom on your erect penis as soon has your pants come down. Your also are replacing the glove before each oral, anal, intercourse pentration in the
trash, near the toilet.

You are wearing the right size of condoms with her tongue or your hand , roll the condom to the base of the penis . If your 10 inches there could be leaking from the hole.

I would say 15 % percent (typical use) and 5 percent (perfect use) of males who use the condom experience an unintended pregnancy within the first year of use. But this will depend on how many woman or times you have sex. I base this on a small 100 times. If your a normal male your into 400 to 500 times of sexual pleasure each year..

I said perfect useage, most males are enjoying prefect sex. Their mind and penis is no thinking perfect condon useage.

Therefore I would provide her with spermicidal foams, creams, or jellies will all contribute to greater pregnancy prevention efficacy when used in combination with a condom. Or if you she is your nightly partner cover the expense of diaphragms, IUDs, hormonal contraceptives, or cervical caps

Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
fcl responded:
I agree that every man should use a condom every time if he doesn't want to become a father. Every individual, male or female, should take charge of their OWN fertility and not expect their partner to be the only one responsible.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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