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Doctor fantasy
Came35 posted:
Advice, I have always had the urge to be the subject of a very through doctors exam. I wouldn't even know where to begin asking for this. I kind of want a professional to help me through it, I have asked for this in the past but wasn't what I had in mind. Does anyone have any advice on how I can go about doing this?
92135_man responded:
I dont know how you could go about do this but i feel the same way. I always get the usual cough check up but thats about it. My docs never give a full on thorough exam like every one else on thie cite that i read about.
hairyd responded:
You ask the right questions. But each doctor is going to be differant in how they do a exam. Remember their job is medical not fantasy.
Your best option would be to select differant doctors. Also ask male friends or family about their male exams.
Normal exam of a young male because of cancer will be a more though exam. Also I could be wrong, but I think my xxx large size. I have always being giving a very through doctors exam because they want to get a rise out of me.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Came35 replied to hairyd's response:
maybe it is time to look into getting a new doctor. any advice, i dont have that many close male friends i can ask. maybe a urologist? dunno, just asking. anybody care to share some of their experiences?
hairyd replied to Came35's response:
A urologist maybe or may not provide your service. A a doctor we are there for treatment. You may want to pay a male to play doctor; therefore you may be pleased. (Or a female.)
But for a medical exam, you may use you feel a cyst in your testicles; there is a discoloration in your erect penis, the head of your penis is not as firm with a erection, there is a differant in color of my semen. I would like your medical thought after a very full exam. But the role play at your home (or his) would give you a fanstasy with more luck for your buck!!!!
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Came35 replied to hairyd's response:
Thanks HairyD for the info. I will look into getting a urologist as for the latter, I will see what happens. Maybe I will get this taken care of.
92135_man replied to Came35's response:
HairyD after reading many of your post you always say that you have a overly large penis! How do you know its overly large? It could be average for all you know! haha. How big could that thing actually be?

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