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is it normal?
Came35 posted:
I recently started to do Kegels because i heard that it will help me shoot farther. i have noticed that after doing several reps of 25 i start to have a large amount of precum. my question is, is that normal?
gymrat44 responded:
Sure, anything which you do which gets your penis (or the part of your brain controlling your penis) going will result in the production of pre-cum. It's one of the fun things we guys go through.

Now I don't know if kegels necessarily make you shoot further -- and why would you want to? But I do know that in the process of training myself to become multi-orgasmic I did do some kegels as part of the 'training'. And after I while when I'd lie on my back for a nice long masturbation session when I finally came sometimes I would shoot a load of semen which would land up on my face. Not every time, my chest and stomach area was the usual target, but face shots did happen now and then. They can be a pleasant surprise but don't really add too much to the experience. A good explosion is great, no matter how far it goes.

Keep practicing, learn more about your body and your maleness. And enjoy!
ontbear replied to gymrat44's response:
Kegels have nothing to do with EJ, but to help bladder/pelvic and hence urine control
hairyd responded:
Continue with Kegels; you nor your female enjoys it. If you cum early during sexual intercourse. Shouting farther may help the sperm get deep into her for pregancy. But nothing else. Kegels can increase of amount of cum release. It the same as holding your urine. When you need to pee; bad.
The longer you able to hold the piss. The more it will flow; when you hang your penis out.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.

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