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Why does my penis stay so hard
poochokid posted:
when I jack off i get very rock hard I can hold back 30 min with out stopping after I ejaculate I still stay hard for very long time and it still sticks straight up some time I have to jack off again to get it to go down. why does it stay like that is this normal?
elle0317 responded:
Depends on your age whether this is normal or not. Most young men can keep an erection after ejaculation and can keep going. As you age your refractory period will get longer and longer before you can 'go at it' again.
gymrat44 responded:
I'd say that there are wide bands of what's normal. And what you describes could be desirable! Just make sure you provide adequate time for having a 'high needs penis' and go ahead and give it the attention it requires. That might be inconvenient sometimes, I know, but it's a problem which could be pleasant to deal with.

And bring a partner into the situation and I see some long, wonderful times ahead! Consider yourself gifted and enjoy the gift.
hairyd responded:
Yes it is normal. But just like the differant in sizes of man's penis average between 3 inches and over 12 inches. There is a differant in the average of men that can keep an erection after ejaculation and can keep going . Your not able to change either; but accept and enjoy using the penis you have hanging. Also enjoy using other part of your body to pleasure your female. If you are a member of the Sexual Health Community . Read Poor performance is becoming more than a slump. dxwayne posted at 24 age I'd really hate to see any part of it slip, especially sex.
ED can and will happen at any age.
Excessive jack off can and will cause issues!

Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
festival42 responded:
Very normal especially for young men. No need to worry about this, Masturbate and enjoy for good prostate health and relief of stress and tension.

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