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Masturbation and Frequency
An_246497 posted:
I am 24 male and not had sex yet. But i use rub my penis while lieing in bed against the bed up and down and use to make sexual imaginations. Some time it force to cum and sometime make me asleep. Is this a kind of masturbation?

Is there any limit for this. I use to do this daily and it gives me intense pleasure and satisfaction but sometime feels bad and wish to stop. Do I need to contact doctor?
fcl responded:
Yes, this is masturbation. There is no need to feel guilty about it. The only limit is when it stops you living your life normally - like when you stay home from work just to masturbate, for instance. No, there is no need to call a doctor because you're perfectly normal.
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
gymrat44 responded:
Rubbing your penis up and down in bed must be sort of an ancient reflex for I'm sure a lot of us got started that way. But I have heard that over time that activity could be harmful -- better just to lie on your back, take your penis loosely in your hand and start stroking. And at age 24 even a couple of times a day would not be unusal or harmful.

I say to hold your penis loosely -- you say you haven't had sex yet and I imagine that you mean with someone else, since masturbation, beating off, whatever you want to call it is a type of sex -- since a woman's vagina is not going to be as tight as your hand and you don't want to be training yourself to expect always to have something tight surrounding your penis while you are having sexual enjoyment. Also, even though your hard penis may feel strong and mighty it is still something which can be injured by rough handling. And hurting yourself is definitely something to avoid.

And one more thing -- I would suggest you work at finding a variety of ways to excite yourself while masturbating. Don't do it exactly the same way all the time. You need to be able to adjust to different situations -- or people -- over time and you need to be skilled at pumping to ejaculation in a variety of ways.

Good luck, keep at it and make sure you enjoy. And maybe you'll stop having thoe times when you feel bad about doing it -- it's a good activity, something which men do.
An_246497 replied to gymrat44's response:
Thanks all for the details.
So, does masturbation means lose of Virginity? What are the side effects of doing this by lieing down and rubbing penis up and down as i have been doing this for years now.

Also, why is it sometime this action make me cum and sometime don't.. is it something to worry about?
davedsel57 replied to An_246497's response:
First, I agree with the other posters. You are perfectly normal. It is also normal that sometimes you cum from doing this action and sometimes not. It depends on how aroused you are, when the last time you came was, moods, etc. All variables that come into play in any sexual activity.

Personally I do not believe masturbation means a loss of virginity. I think that only happens when you have sex with someone else. Others will chime in on that, I'm sure, and I will be interesting to see what they think.

You are young. You are normal and healthy. Enjoy.
exprzzionz replied to An_246497's response:
No masturbating does not mean a lose of virginity.

I tried to envision rubbing my penis against the bed sheets etc. and my first thought was getting blistered before I got to the pleasure part. To me not the best way.

Society has placed lots of taboos on masturbation for some reason. That aside I suggest taking your penis and playing with it gently and when aroused stroke it slowly and gently. Remember the longer it takes to ejaculate the better and more intense your orgasm.

Masturbating is a normal and healthy thing for guys to do. It feels great and empties our prostate at the same time a win win. So get to stroking and enjoy it's really OK !
festival42 responded:
Where is the guilt coming from? Did someone or some church tell you it is wrong. 95% of all men masturbate and some do this all their life even when having partnered sex regularly. Masturbation is good for the prostate and relieves stress and tension.

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