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An_249975 posted:
hello i ma 23. i seem to have very very less ejaculation at night.. it happens in every night without my notice.. then i feel very depressed.. i think i dont have sperm count and semen... iit was happening since 4 years,, now i cant have baby..
elle0317 responded:
You do not need a litre of sperm to make babies. It only takes one and you can't actually see it, what you see is ejaculate. Try drinking more water and see if there is any difference in volume. I highly doubt you have no sperm at your young age, if you are really worried ask your Dr to do a sperm count test.
hairyd responded:
I may misunderstand. Or you refering to wet dreams. Every night without you noticing. Your ejaculation into a female will be more. AS Elle stated pregancy is one sperm cell and one female egg combining. There is thousands of sperms in your semen / ejaculation. You do understand your body does continue to produce sperms and semen Just as it does urine.
AS you get older you will have less to rarely having a wet dream ejaculations. But your body will continue to make sperm for a baby. If I understand you are not having sex with a female at this time.This is why you are having the ejaculations each night.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
lightningguy responded:
I'm not quite clear on exactly what you are saying. Are you saying that you are having wet dreams (which is normal for young men)? Or are you saying that when you ejaculate, there is less semen than before? (I assume you are talking about semen and not sperm; you can't see sperm without the use of a microscope, and it's difficult to know without testing how many sperm are in the amount of semen that you produce.) However, not ejaculating a copious amount of semen does not necessarily mean that you are not ejaculating a lot of sperm: there are LOTS of them in just a teaspoon of semen. If you want to increase the volume of your semen, you can try drinking more water; sometimes a man is a little dehydrated and that affects the volume of the semen produced. On a different note, keeping your penis in good health is important; wash regularly with a gentle cleanser and regularly use a superior penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A cream that includes acetyl L carnitine will also help to maintain penis sensitivity. Good luck!
richardpayne responded:
It happens when you don't maintain a healthy eating habit. You don't need to get depressed for it. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are certain food products that can help you improve sperm count. Foods like oyster, dark chocolate, banana, and walnut. Continue it for few weeks and I'm sure you'll be back on track!
willoconner responded:
I do agree with richardpayne. Healthy eating habit might help you to overcome your situation. Oyster is definitely the best option to improve sperm count. There are number of researches that show the effectiveness of oyster and how it can improve your sexual well being.

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