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Semen test
An_208306 posted:
Ok so my husband and I are trying to ge pregnant. We went to get his semen tested today to see if he had a low sperm count.. He had a hard time cumming because of the presure.. When he did come it was not a lot. Even after 8 days with no ejaculation. A few mins after getting it in the cup it was really watery. Is that normal? I have never seen it watery.
Elle0317 responded:
yes, this is the following from a quick google search:

After ejaculation, semen first goes through a clotting process and then becomes more liquid. It is postulated that the initial clotting helps keep the semen in the vagina, but liquefaction frees the sperm to make their long journey to the ova. Immediately after ejaculation semen is typically a sticky, jelly-like liquid often forming globules. Within 5 to 40 minutes it will become more watery and liquid before finally drying.[5>

An_208307 replied to Elle0317's response:
ontbear responded:
You with your husband? A lot of places will let the man be in a room by himself AND give some aids. A sexy film, mag., or publishcations. If you have to get another sample, ask for some aids. PA
Elle0317 replied to ontbear's response:
My man had a semen testing done last August to see if he needed a vasectomy. Around here the sample is produced off site and you have to get the sample to the hospital within a 1/2 hour, there are no 'aids' in a hospital setting where we are. I had the fun task of helping him too at home before he ran off to the hospital to drop it off at the lab for testing.
An_208308 replied to Elle0317's response:
That is how it is here as well. We had to do it at home then take it in with the next half hour. I did help him at first then he finshed. It was hard for him because of the pressure. We got the resaults everything is normal.

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