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First man Sighting
92135_man posted:
When was the first time any of you saw your first adult penis? I remember the first time i saw my dads i wonder why it was so much bigger than mine and why he had hair! When was the first time, what were your thoughts and whos was it?
Jagmen responded:
on a news paper
alantewks responded:
The first time I saw a man's penis was when I was taking swimming lessons at the Y. I was in the locker room when this old frail looking man came in. He undressed and I saw a very long uncut penis. He had real low hangers and when he walked to the shower, I could see his penis and balls dangling between his scrawny legs from behind. It was the first man's penis I ever saw and it was one of the biggest and the first uncut penis that I saw.
92135_man replied to alantewks's response:
Thank you for the reply! My first non father adult penis i saw was when i was in 6th grade. I saw a guy change and he had a short fat penis with a big bush around it and i was envious that he had a bigger penis than me. Also i always remember after seeing my dads that i wanted pubic hair. It never grossed me out because i thought if you had it, it made you a man
silverteenager replied to 92135_man's response:
remember the first one i saw my friend pulled his out and said is this normal he was hung like a horse at 13 and i had not hit my growing spurt so mine was still small and i just marvelled at it he let me touch it and then ask me if i'd jack him off i said will i what he thought i got mad but i grew up in a strict household where things like that was not said i learned so much from him
21finish responded:
Many years ago when I was a pre-teen, when going to the city swim pools, we had to shower without suits before entering the pool (I guess to keep the water clean?) and after we got out (to get rid of the massive amounts of chlorine used in the pool water). No idea who most of the people were and there was about 10 or 15 shower heads in a single room. Not sure who the people were and didn't really care. So we got used to seeing all sizes and conditions of penis - small, large, hairy, and pre-hair. Not sure any guys shaved back then, in the mid- to late-1950s.
oldguy2 responded:
Saw many grown up dicks and dangling balls at bath house near the beach where I grew up...was surprised how "big" they were,with me looking down at my tiny penis, wondering how I`d ever equal what they had. One time an older teenager there had an erection,in the shower.. first one I`d ever seen..couldn`t believe it, wow!
texas7tl responded:
my first.. was in camp.. my friends dad. low hanging balls, and nice cut dick..
I became curious to mens size.. and stick around after a basketball / football game to see the coaches shower..
Then at beach, the restrooms just had a cement trough as a urinal. I would stand pretending to piss wating for older guys to walk in and flop out there dicks.. . one guy caught me looking and started to stroke.. I got scared and walked out..
justaguyalt11 replied to texas7tl's response:
When I was very young my father and i bathe together the was my first male adult dick, aside from my father uncle and cousins when we would go swimming as a family for birthdays. my first uncut was a neighbor his older brother pants him in the front yard and thru his underwear up in a tree. he had to climb the tree to get them.

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