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attracted to male and females
An_250414 posted:
II am married 18 years and have 3 kids but i have been attractede to men during the whole marriage. Who am i.
gymrat44 responded:
Hi, An_250414. Take some time to read some of the posts here, articles written buy guys who may have a situation similar to yours. We're all different, yes, but there are many more people like each of us out there than any of us might imagine.

People sexually attracted to both sexes are bisexual. I believe that all of us are basically bisexual but during our growing up and over the years the balance of M to F attraction usually has one becoming dominant, sometimes to the point where a person denies any of the other.

It can take some work sorting things out and finding out who you really are. But the journey is worth the effort. I'm sure you're a fine person; you just need to find out where you fit in with all the rest of us. Good luck!
oldguy2 responded:
you`re a "normal" man...enjoy your life..
hairyd responded:
414 this post is almost a year old; Gymrat give a great reply then. Your An 25..14
A married man that should be devoted to your wife. I hope you find happiness with your wife and children. Any other attraction should be null.
Your having bi sexual attractions which can destroy the family you choose..
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
thesicklychild responded:
I'm married over 30 years and two adult kids. I love penises. Here's a difference that may indicate if you're more into men than women, not that I'd worry about it. For me, my attraction is purely physical. I love watching a man enjoy his penis and the sight of penises in general. I don't really enjoy much else about men's bodies except the sight of a fit, muscular man.I would not want to have a jo session with anyone I really knew beforehand, although my fantasy is to find someone to do this with a few times a month.
I like everything about a woman's body and enjoy the emotional and intellectual closeness with women. So, women are the whole package, men pretty much just the package.
thesicklychild replied to lfsport's response:
What kind? If you mean the 'naughty' kind, I can direct you to the online community site I belong to. I would not post that here. Does this board/forum have an IM feature?
mikesugar24 replied to thesicklychild's response:
I'm 85, just lost my wife, little or no sex the last 10 years, I love penises also, but never considered being or am I a homo. It's frustrating in a way, would look forward to a session, but very wary.
mikesugar24 replied to thesicklychild's response:
exprzzionz replied to mikesugar24's response:
You're just a normal man I'd say. I love the female body, nothing compares to a beautiful woman. At the same time I like penis's , love seeing an erection and watching a man enjoy his penis. Given the right circumstance I'd perfectly happy helping a man enjoy his penis.

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