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Erection during massage
An_250679 posted:
I know this topic comes up a lot but here goes:

I had my first full body massage about 2 years ago, and for the first few times i spent most of the massage doing my absolute best to not get an erection. This took a lot of concentration sometimes and kind of ruined the whole experience. I read that its normal to get one so i stopped caring and was able to relax more. A few times however, eventhough a professional, the therapist has brushed pretty closely between my legs. Normally just lightly brushing against testicles but on occasion against my penis. (if its hard it can get in the way anyway). I've started to enjoy this.

I have a girlfriend, I don't tell her this obviously but is it wrong of me to get a little arroused and look forward to the "teasing" in a massage? Its happened with both female and male therapists, im straight but in that situation it doesnt bother me. It has now gotten to the point where just lying there for sometimes up to 2 hours getting lightly teased and anticipating builds up that much tension that I ejaculated when the therapist dragged the towel across me rubbing against me penis which was pretty embarrissing. Is this cheating? I dont think the therapist is doing it on purpose. What do you think? Also is it a bit gay? I know im not but I may be a little curious.

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SFgiants responded:
I had a similar problem but the therapist touched my penis and pushed it down between my legs. Then she said "Boy that one is one for the books". I became even more erect and it began to show a lot. I had a bit of pre cum on the sheet. After the massage I was so excited that I went home and masturbated. Needless to say I never went back to that therapist.
21finish responded:
Most (5 out of 7 which is not a good sample size) say no and I actually tend to agree. However, what your lead-in text says in a round-about way is you look forward to these sessions particularly hoping that the "therapist" touches your testicles and penis. And you made sure that one of the sessions caused an ejaculation by the towel merely rubbing against you - now that must have been a prolonged rub or you have hair-trigger trouble. Anyway, you obviously enjoyed it and it sounds like you would like to repeat the experience. So, is it cheating on your girl friend? Did you "promise" her to be faithful to her? If no then you've got no problem. If you did promise, then you aren't abiding by your promise and yes are cheating. Your move to answer your own question.
bbbguy responded:
When I first starting getting massages I found my penis would get aroused and even hard. But the man who did the massages told me that it was a common and not to be concerned about it. One of the main purposes of the message is to work tension out of the body. As this tension is worked out your body has that feel good feeling all over. So if your penis stays hard and even ejaculates during the message, don't feel about it. It's just apart of that feel good tension releasing process. And stop being embarrassed, your massage therapist has most likely seen that happen many times and if it bothered him he would not keep on in that profession. I think you are worrying too much. The massage therapist knows what he is doing. In massaging your upper legs his hands may rub or bump against your testicles or penis, stop worrying about it. You are supposed to enjoy the message and be refreshed when it's over. In my opinion you are not cheating. Your whole body is on it's own is just enjoying the great benefit of body massage. Now if you started going out with the massage therapist then I would say you are heading in the direction of cheating.

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