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Unaroused Semen Discharge
An_251037 posted:
Lately I am noticing a small to moderate amount of semen in my underwear without any arousal/sexual thoughts. I am pretty sure it is semen in that it does not have a purulent type smell and well looks, feels and smells like my semen. It seems to happen after I use the bathroom (#2). This has happened thrice now over the last two weeks. I am in my mid 30's, sexually active with one partner, not taking any drugs and have not regularly masturbated in almost 4 months. Oh, and have been under some emotional stress lately. Is this normal? Should I seek medical attention?
silverteenager responded:
dude this is prostate fluid from the pressure you exert when you go # 2 totally normal
it's not the size of the pencil it is how you sign your name
Twyce1222 replied to silverteenager's response:
Thx man, this helpful.
gymrat44 responded:
Yup, this has happened to me in the past when I was busy and not giving my penis enough attention. Sounds like some regular masturbation in addition to your being sexually active could take care of the situation.

Movement of stool out the intestines will exert pressure on the prostate and surrounding area -- I found that when I was over-busy the semen would come out right after a bowel movement while I was still on the toilet. I increased my schedule of penile productivity and the problem has never returned.

And by the way -- some additional masturbation might help you with your stress at the same time.

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