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young female with no sex drive
An_251151 posted:
hello i am in my mid/late 20's and i have no sex drive at all i am married the love of my life everythings great other than i could care less if i have sex or not... i never cum no matter how hard we both try, it has been this way for yrs even before him when i was a teen... i can make myself
cum though, i do not like having sex with the lights on an i do not like being touched sexually. ive tried every cream and sex pill on the market and it does not help!!!!!!! what can i do and does any one else young have a proublem like this?
abe648 responded:
Have you been to see your Gyn about this. I have found that women at times will have a problem with cumming. Did you know that approx 70% of women do not come from vaginal stimulation alone and need to be touched at the clitt as well.

I have also read that some women need aditional testosostrne as well

From your discription you also seem to have a problem relaxing and so I think I would start with a Gyn and if the the Gyn says everything is normal then see a sex therapist. Does you husband know that you have this problem. If not then you need to share this with him so he can support you in this time of you life. .

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