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    Is there something wrong with me?
    An_246781 posted:
    I am a young female. I get little to no enjoyment out of sex. The first time I had sex, it wasn't too painful. I experienced no bleeding and only a little discomfort in the beginning. Now, I have a new partner, my second. Though we "warmed up" and everything like I did with my previous, it was extremely painful both during and after the activity. I even bled a little afterwards. Could it be his size? Or the fact that I was tense and nervous? And why do I not get much enjoyment? I cannot release during intercourse neither can I through digital (fingers). What can I try/do? I'm beginning to lose interest in sex altogether.
    fcl responded:
    Given the pain and the bleeding I'd say that you should try using lube. You may be having trouble relaxing and not getting wet enough. OTOH, it's also possible that you're not getting enough foreplay to get you sufficiently aroused.

    Can you orgasm when you mastubate? It may be that you are one of the many women who cannot orgasm from penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation to get there. Ask him to (very) gently stimulate around (rather than directly) your clitoris next time during foreplay (and a little lube on his fingers would make it more comfortable).
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    An_246781 replied to fcl's response:
    I've tried that, the pain is less, I relaxed more, but, it still hurts a little. Also, I can't reach a release through masturbation either. My partner tried and I can get pretty close but never reach it. After a while of stimulation, it goes from pleasure to awkward sensitivity.
    Anon_2000 replied to An_246781's response:
    How big is he? If he is quite larte than you need to be well lubed to make sure that you are not being rubbed to much as if you are dry it will hurt. Like the other poster said make sure you are well turned on before sex. When it coems to not being able to orgasam than take the other posters advice and if that dose not help then seek counseling to help you to get to the point of reaching orgasam.
    An_246781 replied to Anon_2000's response:
    I'd say he's around eight inches, give or take. As far as girth, maybe about 1.5 inches wide.
    dick912 replied to An_246781's response:
    He is large. You might have him play with you more using 2 or 3 fingers. This will get you stretched out a little. Another ooption is to get a dildo the same size as your bf and work with it daily until it does not cause pain or discomfort.
    hairyd responded:
    His girth is average to small. If there is pain with his depth. You may want to give him a gift of a cock ring. Until your body is able and wanting the whole penis. That day should be in your future. You did not state how long you have been sexual active. You need to spend more time pleasuring yourself and learning. Also more quality time doing intercourse. Everyone has to take baby steps before they run. My penis is average size; but with years of practice. I am ABLE to give and received the big O. Since you posted a week ago; you may still be checking this old thread. I have been out of the states for yearly vacation.
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