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Werd feelings?
aroundtheworld12 posted:
Ok so I am a 23 year old male and i need some help. I will try to sound as immature as i can because this will sound like a really stupid question. Basically i just recently re met my old friend from high school and i never really liked her then but now i don't know what it is but im almost certain that i might be in love with her, at least i for sure know that i more than just like her. We basically hang out every single week and i absolutely love being around her. Just her presence makes me so happy and makes me enjoy every second i have with her. Now comes the weird part. I have no idea why, but at times i get weird sexual feelings towards her for no reason and i hate and its driving me mad! I am basically in love with this girl and the last thing i want to do is have sex with her i don't know why i feel this way. Its not horribly bad though not like i get the urge to rape her but im not around her i get weird sexual fantasies about her and it really bothers me. I want to be with her and i know that if we do end up together at some point sex will be the last thing on the list of to do's i just dont know why i have these feelings. I am to the point where i am ashamed of myself for even thinking such things about a friend/girl i like. If anyone can help me in some way just to give advice if this is normal or what. And i literally i can't stop seeing her, the 1 day i get every week with her is prolly the best day of the week. Thanks all!
goodguy82 responded:
I see nothing bad about you having sexual feelings about her, if you feel that much for her and she does not know... Well my friend the real question is when you intend to tell her about how you feel? There is not a single thing weird about you becoming in love with her, so that means the next step would be stay friends or go for more. To me it sounds like you want more then to be just friends..or you would not be having sexual feelings. Time to man up and charm your woman good luck!

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