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Two penis-related questions.
rushfanyyz posted:
1.) When I get an erection, my penis seems to stand straight up (like 25-30°? It's less than 45) and be almost parallel to my body. It's stiff and doesn't seem to want to go down much. I imagine that this makes positions like cowgirl next to impossible. Is there any safe way to get my penis to stick outwards more when erect (I was thinking like, getting erect while holding something such as a book in the way, so that it would force it to stick out, and then doing this daily).

2.) Sometimes while masturbating, my left testicle can/will pop into my body somewhat, and this is a harrowing experience (it used to happen while running in lacrosse because of my cup). Is there anyway to prevent this, or maybe to get my testicles to hang a little lower (they are usually bunched up close when this happens)?
Elle0317 responded:
As you get older the erection will not be as hard and will get lower. Have you tried the cowgirl position? I bet you will have no problem doing it. My bf from 15years ago, his penis did this and we had no problem with cowgirl pos. Don't worry about what you think will happen, just try it.

Don't worry about the testicle dissappearing on you, this is normal too. If it fails to return to normal then go see a Dr.
abe648 responded:
Have to agree with other poster this should not be a problem. Can you bend your penis to 45 or 90 degrees without any pain? If so then you should be able to do the cowgirl type of activity without and pain or problem.

Testicle hiding in body is normal.
rushfanyyz replied to abe648's response:
I can bend to about 45ish without pain (while standing up, atleast), but definitely not 90. And with the testicle hiding, I know that it's normal, but it's uncomfortable and a little distressing. When it does this in sports, I get panicky, because walking/moving my leg around puts pressure on the testicle, and I of course imagine the worst possible thing happening. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from popping in?

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