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Masturbating in different places.
92135_man posted:
Has anyone ever masturbated in public or in your car while driving? For the first time ever today I masturbated while driving just to see what it was like and it was kinda weird but i liked it. Also, has anyone ever got caught masturbating: public or in their house?
festival1942 responded:
Ye I've masturbated in the car many times while taking long trips in rural areas. I'm not at ease with doing this in urban areas. Yes I think all men have bee caught masturbating one time or another. This is common.
TravisHou responded:
Car, truck, 18 wheeler trailer, wharehouse, park, ball park, batting cage, pool, river, ocean, beach, kayak, alley. Woods.. I think that's it for me..
young_man responded:
Car, camping trailer, camping showers, woods, friends bedroom (when he was sleeping), on back porch, and at work. Got caught of course at home, camping trailer and back porch!
diseasefighter responded:
hi, i am a girl and my boyfriend don't masturbate at car. i told him that masturbation is bad for it may cause many diseases like prostatitis , impotence, epididymitis, and so on. frequent masturbation is bad. what's more. it is dangerous to masturbate at car.
elle0317 replied to diseasefighter's response:
Masturbation does not cause diseases, nor does it cause impotence! Actually regular ejaculation helps the prostate. The only downfall to masturbating too much is the possibility of not being able to orgasm from intercourse, if the man uses a dry tight grip that a vagina cannot duplicate.

Since I'm here I may as well give you my list

Car - I was a passenger
tent & camping trailer
in the woods
camping shower
friends house

I'm sure there are more, but can't think of any more at the moment
gringofeliz replied to elle0317's response:
Good for you Elle0317. I suggest diseasefighter see a sex neurologist or sex therapist. By not milking, a person looses health benefits and pleasure. If the partner is available then they can do mutual pleasure which is very beneficial for their health. Not doing it results in impotence which is not a desired outcome.God didn't make us not to enjoy it so hope disease fighter can catch up with lost time before it's too late.
That's a good comprehensive list of sites, Elle. When I was younger I used to do it while driving and with my gf in a dark movie to supplement your list, or she did it or we did it to each other. Anyway, shape or manner, one shouldn't loose the ability.
buttfuzz responded:
Yes I have masturbated about any place you can think of. As for getting caught, yes to that also. I'm naked 24/7. I like to masturbate outside in my back yard a lot. My neighbor is naked a lot of the time too. His house is just up the hill behind my house, and is very close. He's caught me many times and has even joined in from his balcony. It's great to have a neighbor like this.
thesicklychild responded:
I have driven with my hard 'manhood' out.
My favorite experience was edging in a downtown office that I was asked to 'mind' a few hours a day while the single staffer took vacation. No one ever visited the office so I could lock the door, strip and edge for an hour or two. I'd think about the men and women only a few feet away in the adjacent offices and it was a huge turn on. I have also edged outdoors, on a balcony, and in hotel rooms. I hope someone starts a thread on edging!
gayboyz replied to thesicklychild's response:
If you want maybe you and i could talk about edging or start a blog on this site about one??
oldbiguy replied to thesicklychild's response:
I'll look for a quiet place (outside), stripping down and start masturbating. The best place I found was a very small secluded beach on Lake Superior.

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well 1st im bi, 2nd im only 13,and 3rd I would feel better if only men responded to my questions.

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