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    Is it possible to jack off to much?
    young_man posted:
    Im a sophmore in high school, and for about the past six months, it feels like my sex drive is kicking into over-drive. I get atleast a good solid dozen erections a day. I jack off no less than 3 times a
    day. One when I wake up, once before I go to bed, and atleast once during the day, usually more. I am not sure if this is 'boys will be boys' thing or if this is something more. Any advice?

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    hairyd responded:
    Normal for a young man. You need to also use fruit, vegetables, pillows, soap in the shower etc. No just your hands and fingers.. Your penis does not need to know only the firm beating with your fingers. Use your mouth if you have a long dick. The females are not that tight. Also enjoy has much action with females. But always with rubber protection. Discuss this with your father or brothers.
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    festival1942 responded:
    Many boys at age 15 masturbate even more than 3 times a day. This is not uncommon and you should do whatever makes you feel satisfied. Eat well and take vitamins and sexual health supplements and there is no limit on how much activity you can do. Enjoy!
    stevesmw responded:
    As often as you need to. A few cautions:

    1. Your penis gets irritated.
    2. You use a lot of force or friction which can make it difficult to have a normal orgasmic response when you have a partner.
    3. You orgasm quickly during masturbation which can cause you to orgasm quickly when you have a partner. Beside making yourself feel good, you can train your penis to delay the orgasm.
    4. You masturbate so often that interferes with other aspects of your life. Three or four times a day isn't a lot.

    Your last choice in your poll may be quite a bit below average for a 15 year old.
    buttfuzz responded:
    I say go for it dude. Have a look at this website: I have found this site excellent for different jack off techniques, it's very informative. Some of these techniques help you hold out from ejaculating too soon. Teaching you how to ride the edge for a long time. During the edging process, I have had many multiple dry orgasms that made my whole body shake in one session! I have learned to take my time and edge for at least an hour when I have the time. And when you eventually cum- it can be mind blowing.
    thesicklychild responded:
    This thread posits the question that has been 'field tested' more than any other aspect of the human condition. The good news is that the tests continue and there is no clear answer yet.
    An_254668 responded:
    having gone through a similar period. I suggest you find a girl to jerk you off with slow movements to make your pleasure last longer. A girl in the hospital took me to a secluded place so that we could pleasure each other with hands and mouths, no pregnancies, no diseases...lots of pleasure.
    Use lube to reduce friction. You don't need abrasion, blisters or worts.
    movieguy1 responded:
    Do you at least have a father figure that you can speak with?
    I did not have a relationship with my father for many reasons.
    I am assuming you are now a senior in highschool, but even at your age it would be good to have an adult male mentor in your life because you will have a lot of other questions as you grow older. But from the sounds of it your are quite healthy and you are seeking advice....
    jacksil responded:
    I do masturbate more often than not, I have been masturbating few times a day for a long time and never had problems with erection. However I live a life style of partying and late night drinking nowadays which led me to have that erection problem every now and then but i doubt it is due to too much jacking off. I used pills like Tibet Babao which i even wrote a review about However it seens like this pill now loosing its reputaiton.

    I haven't used any pills for the past few weeks and having good erections as well so far

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