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Bf cannot keep erection during sex..
An_252372 posted:
My bf cannot keep an erection during sex. During foreplay he will get hard but it's like as soon as we try, he loses the erection. It's getting very frustrating! It doesn't happen if he masturbates by himself he says. (we don't live together) We've not been able to have sex in quite some time. We try.. but it just doesn't happen! We broke up for over a year.. before we broke up sex wasn't as much of an issue. He did, however still have some of the same issues. Sometimes he couldn't finish..but it has never been like it is now. He did say that sex has always made him kind of anxious for some reason. Does this sound like an ED problem or no? I wasn't sure since he can keep the erection during masturbation. He agreed to see a dr..

Thanks for any advice..
An_252350 responded:
hes probably overthinking it, once it happens once he will have a hard time relaxing about it. if he cant keep it up he can still please you in other ways. he should go to the dr to rule out any medical problem, but most likely it is all in his head.
Maybe overstimulation (as someone said, he's used to himself...) He may need to cut off the self-play for a few days and see if that helps. I know we had that problem (but reverse) and going without a bunny for awhile put me in good shape when the real one came along.
elle0317 responded:
Sounds like he's become accustomed to his hand, and a vagina cannot duplicate the same friction. Ask him to lay off maturbating for a while and see it this helps. I don't think it's ED, since he can get an erection and ejaculate with his hand.

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