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Can Anorexia dely puberty?
An_252785 posted:
I was extremely Anorexic at age 13/14 (around the time when puberty had just started for me) and now I am 21 and I have been breaking out really bad. My breasts have not developed yet which is strange because my mom's side of the family have very large breasts. Is it possible that now at age 21 I am going through puberty? I have the healthiest diet I have had since puberty began and was delayed from the eating disorder.
fcl responded:
IF you have your period then you have already gone through puberty. Yes, anorexia can cause delayed puberty because you were not getting enough nourishment for your body to develop normally (because your body fat was too low).

IF it can reassure you, breast development is influence by more than just your mother's side of the family. Genetically, you can have the effects of many generations back. Also, breast size is also heavily dependent on weight. Often, the heavier you are, the larger your breasts will be.
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