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hearty sexual appetite?
LUVishere posted:
how many men would like sex every night? just wondering..
sluggo45692 responded:
I know a lot of men would like to have sex of some sort every night. I know I would.
LUVishere replied to sluggo45692's response:
just wondering, seems like there may not be many men with hearty appetites. I would love a may with high libido, and i like cuddling, but love giving oral, sex, playing, stripping for him, giving baths, just up for anything.. love love morning sex- wake me up at anytime for that.. is this normal? women i talk to, are quiet the opposite, and ive not talked to any guys that are up to it daily. guess nothing wrong with it, just seems hard to find a partner with the same desires-
sluggo45692 replied to LUVishere's response:
There are plenty of men out there like me. I have met a few women who are like you. The biggest factor in any relationship is time. You have to make time to enjoy what you want. Sounds like your going to make some man very happy. I talk with my gf all the time. We want more sex, but our biggest hurdles are schedules and just getting time together. I see a lot of couples with this problem. Always remember, it's 50/50 in a relationship. Don't be the only one putting out. He/she has to provide for the partner also. Good Luck
stevesmw responded:
Only at night. Mornings and afternoons are good too.
The only issue is that life can get in the way of sex. A girlfriend and I were on vacation and would have two or three sessions a day for five days or so and then take a day off,

As far as every night, it would depend on how long my partner wanted to make love and how easily she orgasmed. Sex shouldn't be work, it should be fun.

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