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Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
golden1olivia posted:
For almost a year now I have been battling either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis. I'm married, have been with the same man for 10 years and we rarely have sex due to the fact that we have young children. I continue to get this infection. Over and over again. I do know that since April 2013 until today September 21 2013 I have had both issues 8 times. My doctor continues to give me medications and it does go away for a few weeks but continues to come back. I'm 36 years old and before this year the only issue I ever had was a yeast infection and I was 18 years old. I haven't changed my eating habits, washing habits, I have never douched in my life and again, I rarely have sex. Why does this continue to reoccur? My doctor of 15 years just writes a prescription to make it go away, but doesn't seem to be looking into why this is happening. Quite frankly it's gross. Has anyone else been through this or continue to get either infection over and over again? Should I have some tests taken? Blood tests, hormone tests? Anything? What can I do to stop this cycle. Today I was given Flagyl 500 mg again. This is the second time in a little over a month. For 35 years my vagina has been perfectly healthy and normal. My youngest child is 4, so pregnancy or surgery wouldn't be a factor. Why is this happening? Why does this infection continue to reoccur?
crostimare responded:
There are many predisposing factors that trigger vaginitis. This causes the condition to become recurrent even after medication. Remember that medications have their own half-life so it does not cure you forever if the predisposing factors are not cut. This might include proper hygiene or sexual activities. You have to determine specifically what causes vaginitis to keep coming back despite of the medications. (Source: )

Once you figured it out, try to do something to cut it off. Then start again your medications. The most effective treatment for vaginosis is generic flagyl.

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If your doctor does not help you improve your condition then I recommend to look for another doctor so you can hear another opinion.

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